About Us

E-Cigs Kenya is a subsidiary of E-Cigs Enterprises Ltd, incepted in the UK with logistic agents based in Kenya.
Now available in Nairobi, Kenya. Electronic Cigarettes, Vape Kits, Vape Juice, E-Juice,E-Cigarettes, Ecigs, Electronic Vapourizers, E-Liquids, Eliquids, and accessories. 
Please visit our FAQ section FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS which will answer everything you wanted to know about electronic cigarettes and their use.
Electronic Cigarettes and Vapourizers are becoming a worldwide sensation since they do not contain tobacco or tobacco substitutes. There is no smoking combustion, rather you are what is known in the community as, vaping. 
There are no major risks associated with vaping that are known at this time, but there are some benefits. The vapor that you inhale is mixed with nicotine for an experience that is truly unique. We do also offer a "ZERO" nicotine E-Liquids for long term smokers we encourage to taper of their nicotine habit.
There is absolutely no tobacco in them, and they are battery operated. Not only do you reduce your risk of obtaining serious health related issues, but you also eliminate the odor associated with tobacco filled cigarettes and there‚Äôs absolutely no smoke to worry about. 
This product is strictly not for minors and we will not sell to anyone under the age of 18. 
We also will refrain from selling to anyone who is not a smoker.